Let's Get A Grip On Life & Work!

Do cycles of 'crash and burn' or 'blur and endure' leave you and your colleagues too busy to think and too weary to change? Has your old ‘joie de vivre’ faded in the face of more and faster?

You probably know that feeling overloaded and under-appreciated is unhealthy, unprofitable, and unsustainable. What you may not realize is that it’s also unnecessary. Life and work do not have to be this way.

Press pause… think again. Learn how to strike a healthy balance between pressing for performance and pausing for renewal. Nurture that appreciative mind-set to make each day less of a burden and more of a joy.

Pauseworks brings you tools, tips and strategies developed by yours truly, Patricia Katz, to help you smile more and weep less. Have fun exploring the site.

For customized help with your workplace challenges, check out my keynotes, seminars and retreats designed to boost energy, fuel enthusiasm and inspire insight.

Learn more at my main website: www.patkatz.com. I can help you get a grip on life and work while growing your people - and your results - in value and worth!


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